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Memorialize After Cremation

Would you consider commingling your ashes with that of a departed loved one?

Times change, and along with it, customs. Traditional burial has long been the norm in the Philippines. In modern times, however, factors like costs, logistics, and practicality are now heavily taken into consideration. This can be seen with the rising trend towards the practice of cremation in 2019, with cremation rising to 50-60 percent compared to previous years.

As more Filipinos might have already experienced, cremation is not unceremonial and bland as it was generally thought of. On the contrary, cremations can be as meaningful, spiritual, and dignified as any ritual. It only takes for you to know the ways how to memorialize your loved one’s ashes after the ceremony.


“‘Till death do us part,” is one of the lines said in a marriage ceremony. This can be a hyperbole for some or just a script for others. But for those who want to consider commingling, this can be literal.

Commingling is the mixing of two cremated remains in a single urn. This is not limited to couples because families (parent-child, sibling-sibling, etc.) and pets can also be commingled. There are two ways to do this: First is by putting two ashes– both still in their individual container bags– side by side in a common urn. Second is by pouring the ashes directly onto another, also in a common urn. 

You’d be surprised at how many people would want this option, as it symbolizes eternal unity. Always check if there’s something in your loved one’s will regarding mixing or commingling cremated remains with another deceased family member. If there’s none, decide if this would fit your loved one’s wishes.

Scatter the Ashes

The act of scattering one’s ashes can symbolize a soul’s return to nature or heaven. This can be particularly helpful for the bereaved friends and families to move forward in the grieving process.

Common places for this ceremony are usually by the beach, in a special spot, or a private park. It’s important to note, though, that some places have strict policies regarding the scattering of ashes. So ask for permits and approvals first if needed, and stay away from public and restricted areas. The best place should be where your loved one’s ashes can remain in peace.

Eco-Friendly Way

Being eco-friendly is not just being concerned for the environment, it’s being considerate of others and future generations. This can be the characteristic that you’d want for your loved one to be memorialized. With burials leaking lots of chemicals in soils each moment, eco-friendly methods can be an option especially if the deceased person 

An example of this is the Ice Urn. It’s a concept that denotes a return to the source: the ashes to nature and the ice to water. In this process, the ice urn is released into any body of water. The ashes are then scattered slowly as the ice journeys and melts away in the water. 

Customized Urns

Urns don’t always have to be in muted colors and typical shapes as depicted in usual photos. In fact, urns can be customized. Whether you’d like it with bright colors, with drawings; as a textured vase, or as an ancient Greek artifact, you could do it. There are companies that offer this service. The design for its size, shape, and styles are limitless. The material that will be chosen must be able to preserve the ashes that will be stored inside, but everything else is all up to how you would want your loved one to be remembered. 

The Traditional Way

Then, of course, there’s the traditional way. Catholicism, the country’s largest religion, prohibits the scattering of ashes and instead prescribes keeping the remains in a urn, which would then be kept in sacred spaces such as cemeteries.

However you choose to remember your loved ones, one thing’s for sure: their memories remain immortal for as long they are constantly commemorated.

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