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Celebrating a life well-loved

  • Premier memorial park in the Philippines
  • 63 hectares of verdant landscape, beautifully maintained
  • Conveniently located near EDSA and C-5

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World-class standards
We follow world-class mortuary and memorial practices and standards that guarantee an unmatched quality experience for our clients.
Convenience and Support
We are located just 10 minutes from the two major thoroughfares in Metro Manila: C5 and EDSA. Apart from the ease of access, we provide customer support every step of the way.
Premium Amenities
The landscaping and architecture of the entire 67-hectare property is a blend of natural beauty and nurtured elegance.

Your Heritage. Your Choice

A place of meaningful reflection and fond remembrance.

Estate Lots

The Estate Lots of Heritage Park provide families the ultimate in privacy and excluv…
34.04 sq.m.

Lot size

Memory Place

Memory Place is located in the Charity Area of the Park. Beyond the beautifully landsc…
19.53 sq.m.

Lot size

Garden Lots

Garden Lots provide a blend of nurture and nature, allowing families the chance to…
19.54 sq.m.

Lot size

Lawn Lots

The Lawn Lots provide a straightforward, dignified, and meaningful memorial for…
2.44 sq.m.

Lot size

Pavilion Columbary

Inspired by the solemn and dignified aesthetics of traditional Chinese temple…
10,000 niches

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