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Things you may want consider if planning a memorial service in advance

Pre-planning for a funeral service can feel overwhelming, awkward, or even morbid. Not everyone likes to talk about death with their loved ones. But since death is inevitable, it is one of the most important things one should know, so it can be less of a burden when the time comes.

Planning a funeral in advance isn’t a new thing. In fact, a research paper suggests that Filipinos surveyed in the City of Manila are already extremely aware of the benefits of funeral management planning services which include: pre-paying, pre-planning, costs, and payment plans. This suggests that there’s a need for more funeral providers to include such services. It also reflects that pre-planning may be one of the things that people think about when it comes to funeral services.

There are many reasons why pre-planning a funeral is beneficial for many families. It’s mainly because for some families, it’s difficult to arrange a funeral when they are dealing with too much grief. Funerals can also be quite expensive and can give added burden to families who are not financially prepared for a funeral.

Planning for death may seem grim, but we all have to prepare ourselves and perhaps learn about something that could help us in the future.

Here are some things you may want to consider if you’re thinking of pre-planning a funeral:

Look for funeral homes that match your needs

Do your research. There are many factors you need to consider when choosing a funeral home, such as: location, price, and services. Nowadays, you don’t have to go on-site to visit funeral homes that you want to consider. Most funeral homes have their own website where you can check their general price list, pre-need plans, or other details of their services.

Weigh in your budget and payment options

When planning a funeral, it also means that you should set aside money to cover the expenses. But this doesn’t mean that you have to pay the entire cost immediately.

The good thing about pre-planning is it lets you discover different options whether or not you’re prepaying your funeral expenses. Nonetheless, your goal is to get most out of its benefits. Just remember that by discussing payment options with your funeral provider, you can save yourself money and free your family from financial burden in the future.

Choose your cemetery arrangement

Usually, your chosen funeral home can help you with cemetery arrangements. When choosing a cemetery, you have to consider the location and environment as well as its vacancy. You also have to decide if you want a plot or a mausoleum.

If you are able to visit, you can take a look at the cemetery ground if it’s well-maintained or it is something you have in mind.

Decide on the type of service or event you want to have

There are different funeral services such as: burial or cremation, graveside service, funeral service in your own home, or even virtual memorial service. You also have to decide how many days the service should be. Of course, these depend on your beliefs or customs.

When it comes to burial or cremation, you also have to choose your preferred type of casket or urn. For some, this decision depends on personal choice and financial considerations.

Remember that choosing a kind of service is also important because your friends and family will be a part of the ceremony too. Again, your chosen funeral home can help you with available options.

Choose a funeral vehicle

Burials and cremations usually happen after the funeral service. It is also one of the most important elements of the funeral because it entails the last ride. In the case of funeral transportation, this would depend on what your chosen provider offers.

A typical transport vehicle is a hearse, but there are more options out there, especially if you want to have a procession. While a funeral procession also usually happens during the transportation, it may not be a good idea to arrange it when there’s still risk of contracting COVID-19. Instead of renting many vehicles that would also transport families to the place of burial, you may want to opt for a single transport vehicle that would be simply used for one purpose. You can ask the members of the family or friends to have their own transportation to keep them from overcrowding.

Funerals are an important event for grieving families. It may be depressing or strange to plan a memorial service in advance, but you have to appreciate the benefits of doing so. In the end, you want for your family to experience a peaceful and meaningful funeral to honor their loved one.

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